Within our fully equipped workshop facility we can repair or replace exhausts for all types of vehicles, from small or old cars to new cars sports cars, light trucks, busses and vans.

The most common reason for exhaust repair or replacement is wear and tear. Over the years your exhaust system is subjected to a huge amount of stress from the extreme temperatures it operates under, acidic moisture from incomplete combustion or gasses that break down your exhaust system over time.

Repairs to your exhaust can be as simple as replacing a minor component like a muffler or tail pipe but wear and tear occurs across the entire exhaust system and occasionally a system replacement is required.

Call in for a free inspection and quote. Once we’ve confirmed the fault we’ll discuss the required repairs with you. Sometimes we can even complete the repairs while you wait.

We have access to a wide range of brands and exhaust types supplying from the best quality products and installing your parts at competitive prices.

Exhaust Components

Exhaust systems consist of a number of components that contribute to your vehicle’s overall performance. The noise coming from your exhaust can tell you a lot about its condition. E.g.

  • A loud roar – could be a hole in the exhaust system
  • A continuous rattle – probably means part of the exhaust system is loose
  • A tinkling sound often signifies a problem with the muffler


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Different vehicles have different exhausts for varying reasons.  Some cars perform well with a small exhausts system while other cars benefit from a large diameter exhausts and it is not always true that the larger the exhaust diameter the better the system.  Big bore exhausts can reduce exhaust back pressure too far resulting in reduced performance and premature engine wear.

Our experienced mechanics are more than happy to discuss your needs with you and will identify a system that suits you and your car.

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